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A beautiful, healthy smile is the pride of every human being. It helps to win people's sympathy, adds self-confidence and subtracts years. However, you need to take care of your teeth not only for aesthetic but also for health reasons. Dental House is a dental office in Gdańsk, which deals with conservative and aesthetic dentistry, surgery, implantology, prosthetics and endodontics. We perform root canal treatment under a microscope. For patients requiring prosthetic treatment, we select supplements made by the Dental Lab laboratory, including tooth implants. We carry out teeth whitening to complement the visual effect of a healthy, well-groomed smile. The Dental House dental office accepts patients of all ages and with various problems. Systematic visits to the dentist allow you to enjoy health and comfort for many years. Ignored oral complaints only aggravate the problem and limit the treatment options. An experienced dentist will help in solving even a complicated case.

We provide psychological comfort to our patients. Smile is the key.


We work with the best prosthetic laboratory in Pomerania – Dental Lab. This guarantees the highest, world-class quality of the materials on which we work.


We realize that most of our patients report to us in an emergency situation that requires immediate action. Therefore, we guarantee a short waiting time for an appointment.


Comprehensive services of the Dental House office, allows you to ensure perfect oral condition of our patients. From A-Z.

Dental House
Żwirki i Wigury 2 Street
80-463 Gdańsk
NIP: 5831066352


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